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Aydin Esen 3-Part Live Concert in New York City - 2017

Three consecutive videos totalling 40 minutes from Aydin Esen's live piano improvisation at the National Opera Center in New York City from November 2017. 


Aydin's memories of the event:

this special concert was kind of an instant event but well-thought out action by my dear friend rick beato who was not only a great friend/musician but also a big believer in the new music…remembering the old days when he used to drive down to nyc for about 5 hours, he would pick me up and just drive back up north the same day to Ithaca college where the scene was pretty hot then -  a nice crew of great youngsters awaiting for our meetings.   We talked about the current musical issues, advanced improvisation, compositional techniques, harmony in new polyphony, the orchestra, and live concerts or whatever possible to get us wasted but good burns for day.s… just music…  talks and hangs.. fun fun days .…  
   This concert hall is beautiful!@. ..  very special thanks to placido Domingo for sending the steinway piano for me  which was extremely kind.. may god bless his soul..  
   …a very nice audience, felt like the members-only castle of all secret agents wondering around and getting ready to throw their serious questions  at me.. before and during the concert, if I remember correctly..     and felt  like yeah we are  home now… sweet scene..
       .. most special feeling for me was to be with our son Cenk who we visited in Boston at Berklee few days earlier and travelled together down to nyc for the first time together!       I wanted to show him everything… his older brother Aykan, was in spain then.. another   another brilliant mind,  graduated from Boston university,  also deeply involved with music,  and went to London to expand on the sound universe and studied electronic music production while Cenk was dealing with some heavy traditional issues up in Boston where all the good musical journey begins if you wanna get into jazz and everything… 
     we talk about our young always because they care and they have the right questions and the right attitude for the sound art.. the art of all arts, the music..
     My music is for everyone with no boundaries and I hope that you’ll find a few moments of enjoyment .. take care and keep safe guys .. we’ll do lots more soon… wishing for best this new year and always.  Love ‘ n  peace@

Aydin Esen 3-Part Live Concert in New York City - 2017

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