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Esen Productions is a brand new music production and sound engineering collective based in London, England. Combining compositional knowledge with years of technical education, performance and experience, the team is able to provide quality results for all styles of music. Our goal is to strive for the sound of the 2020's while always being aware of the influences of timeless artists and sounds. Being a family business, the team works closely together and projects are collective efforts. Our London studio has top-of-the-line gear including Triangle Genese Trio loudspeakers, the TC Electronic Finalizer and Universal Audio (UAD) Apollo interfaces and plug-ins. Get in touch and let's find your sound together!

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Aykan Esen
Founder, Head Sound Engineer, and Producer
Aydin Esen
Head Composer and Producer

Growing up listening to music of all styles, Aykan completed his music production and sound engineering education at the innovative Point Blank Music School. Specializing in mixing and sound design, he has been involved with a variety of different projects ranging from deep house and electronica to jazz fusion and experimental music. He is also part of the team of writers at Attack Magazine, one of the leading publications for electronic music. Armed with his arsenal of industry-standard equipment, Aykan runs the Esen Productions studio in London.

Aydin Esen is one of the greatest piano players alive. Being one of the only musicians to ever graduate from Berklee College of Music in one year or less, he went on to tour the world, producing musically ground-breaking albums and playing with some of the biggest talents in the industry. His music has been described as "identifying the full range of human intellectual and emotional activity as the seedbed of musical art." Being an expert that transcends genres, he is consulted for many of Esen Productions' projects.

Cenk Esen
Composer, Producer and Keyboard Player

Starting to play piano at an early age, Cenk took full advantage of his musical heritage and talent to begin his musical journey. Having graduated from Berklee College of Music one year earlier than his peers, he jumped straight into the industry by releasing his first EP "Phases," which combined his influences of Jazz Fusion and electronic music. During his time in Boston, he was chosen to join Berklee's Global Jazz institute, which fosters creativity and musicianship through a variety of musical disciplines. His theoretical knowledge, unique compositions and emotional improvisations are a huge asset for the team.

Saygın Özatmaca
Recording, Mixing and Mastering Engineer

After graduating from SAE İstanbul in 2009, Saygın joined the Babajim Studios team. During that period as an inhouse engineer, he was involved with more than 75 multigenre albums with most of the major artists in Turkey. “Say” completed his role at Babajim Studios as Chief Engineer in 2016 and continues to work on records of all styles as a freelance mixer, mastering engineer and technical consultant. He is the magician behind the final sound of all Esen Productions releases, working from his base of operations down south in the beautiful town of Kas in Turkey.

Emre Culuk
Recording Engineer and Producer

Emre is an experienced recording engineer and runs his own studio for recording bands in Tottenham. He has also performed live in various venues in London with his notorious setup that is comprised of an iPad, drum machine, snare drum and ride cymbal! His goal is to make sure that any music he is involved in avoids generic traits and brings something new to the table every time. As such, he is a great believer in improvisation and new roads in music. His energy, character and positive attitude make him a joy to work with.

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Randy Esen
Singer and Vocal Instructor

Randy has performed all around the world as a singer and is known as one of the best vocal teachers around. Her latest release "Behind the Light and Shine" was actually her debut album after she appeared on Aydın's records for many years. She has taught at various universities around Turkey while also privately coaching many professional actresses/singers and she now continues to teach private students in Istanbul.

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